At the Grammys everyone can let their hair down, so to speak, so after Jane the Virgin actress Gina Rodriguez win at the Golden Globes her hairstylist Paul Norton decided to to all diva hair for the music Awards ceremony.


Paul explains that for Gina’s look they took into consideration that the Grammys is the kind of event where, “you can really bring out your inner diva and go full throttle sexy.” Paul goes on, “Gina’s form fitting low cut gown made me instantly want to see her hair down with a wild, fuller, more ‘disco’ kind of curl. So I instantly invoked the diva’s from Studio 54.”

Paul started the process by blowing Gina’s hair out with a cocktail of Joico JoiWhip and Joico Heat Set with a round brush until fully dry. Next he took sections starting from the bottom to the top and sprayed each section with Joico IronClad to protect the hair from the heat he was about to add by curling. Paul then took sections –again starting from the bottom– taking one inch sections of hair, he used 3/4 size Marcel iron and wrapped each section leaving the ends out. This explains Paul, is what “gives a more edgy modern vibe to this studio 54 inspired look.”


Once the entire head was curled, he then used his fingers like a comb to break up the curls and bring them to life. “Once the curls started to ignite, I then had Gina flip her head upside down and sprayed an ample amount of Joico Flip Turn to insure the fullness and longevity of the style,” says Paul. Feeling that she needed a little volume in the top section, starting at the crown, Paul began working his way forward, taking horizontal sections and back-combed at the root to balance out the look. Once done, Paul explain that he then took a step back to see if there were any areas that needed a little extra detail. Now switching to a one-inch Marcel iron he took random two-inch sections throughout the hair, and wrapping them around the iron, he curled them in the opposite direction of the existing curls. Paul says this little trick, ‘really helps amp up the texture.” From there he took what he says is his favorite secret weapon – Joico’s all new Hair Shake. Not even out on the market yet, Paul has the inside scoop on the product from Joico, and gave her entire head a once-over with it, scrunching sections in his hands, “to give it a nice sexy messiness!” he says. Lastly, he sealed the deal with a final spray of Joico Flip Turn before hopping into the car to head to the Grammys.

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