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Kensington Proximo

Is there anything more annoying than forgetting your phone, unless it’s flat-out losing it? The new handy gadget, the Kensington ‘Proximo’  ensures that neither happens. The Proximo key Fob is $39.99  and the Tag will put you back $24.99.

Basically, Proximo uses bluetooth to track your phone or bag, or other valuables.  The Fob, with its large button, is meant for a key chain, while the Tag is better suited for a purse, backpack etc.

Leave your phone at the restaurant and by the time you reach the door (depending on how you set the proximity alarm) the Fob and your phone will go off.  And believe me, there’s no way to ignore the sound; we picked an air raid siren as our alert.

With the Tag, only the iPhone makes an alert sound; the Tag remains silent. After all, having your purse emit strange sounds while you’re not around only alerts thieves.

It’s easy to pair with the iPhone app and you adjust all the settings , such as the alarm sound, proximity and the handy feature “Last Seen.”

So if you’re one of those people who are always losing your phone, your purse, backpack, and then your mind, this new gizmo is a a GPS for your life.


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