This year, we asked all the editors to tell us about their favorite gifts that give back while still being something THEY would want to receive. We ended up with everything from trending bracelets to ….cows.

Give all your friends a goat — or some chicks or maybe even a cow — this year. This time, my daughter and I have chosen to give a goat ($85) and some lucky relatives are giving 5 ducks ($50) through World Vision, which gifts a live farm animal to communities in need. These life-changing gifts of animals can make all the difference for a  family (most are donated in Africa.) We also like Heifer International which gifts…you guessed it…cows, but also water buffalos ($250 but you can buy a share for $25.)  For friends who have everything, this is the feel-good gift of the year.

You’ve seen those cuff bracelets which read ‘The Future is Female’ (damn straight it is!)  Bird+Stone sells jewelry in support of socially-conscious causes. Another cute bangle shows a line graph of the Earth’s rising temperature from 1880 to now and says “Our Planet, Our Future” on the inside.

Five dollars from each cuff’s price goes to Planned Parenthood and environmental organizations (including the National Resources Defense Council, the Environmental Defense Fund, the Sierra Club, and respectively.

The bracelets are made in NYC from sustainable materials, including upcycled brass and prices range from $35- $38. There, shopping for your bf’s is DONE!



‘ To Write Love on Her Arms’ is a mental health group which raises money to fund treatment and recovery through its merchandise.  The products also raise awareness about depression, addiction, self-injury, suicide, and ‘starts conversations that could save a life.’ Who doesn’t need this flannel shirt emblazoned with “You Are Not Alone’ ? $55.

The Giving Keys employs people who are working their way out of homelessness to engrave words onto vintage keys. The idea is to then pay it forward by giving the key ($45) to someone who needs the message more than you. We can think of a few friends who could really use one of these.


FREEDOM Deodorants 

The company’s tagline reads: “Give the gift of being healthy, not stinky!’

Alrighty, then. Founder Ira Kaganovsky Green says she was inspired to create the line after a close friend was diagnosed with cancer. Doctors’ advice? No deodorant! Countless specialists warned Ira’s friend against using traditional antiperspirants that have potentially toxic ingredients, like aluminum, parabens and synthetic fragrances.

According to a good friend who not only runs her own business but has a newborn (!) the Freedom line of natural deodorants really work. In refreshing scents such as Bergamont Lime and Lavender Citrus, there’s one for everyone on your shopping list. And 10% of retail sales goes back to the American Cancer Association, Caring Place and Nevada Children’s Cancer Foundation. We love the 3-pack (for him or her) travel minis. ($17.)