We all love our tablets but finding a good stylus can be tough. We tried some that were too clumsy, too fine a line, too until we found the Kensington Virtuoso stylus which was just right.

With it’s responsive and sensitive soft tip it glides more smoothly across your tablet screen than any finger and provides comfort and control whether you’re creating art, collecting files or just answering  an email. The soft tip will never scratch your tablet screen, and it keeps messy fingerprints off your screen.

Of course, there are still times when you have to take notes, sign documents or fill out paper forms, and this is where the the Virtuoso does double duty since the other end is a regular pen. Ta da!

And there’s no reason your stylus can’t be stylish; the Virtuoso Stylus & Pen is available in a rainbow of colors.

We love ours for drawing – what will you use yours for? $27.99.



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