Whether you’re headed to the beach for the day or into the woods for a camping trip, a great soundtrack is critical to an amazing adventure.

The secret of this Creative Labs’ speaker (theMUVO 2c, to be precise)  is that it can connect not only via AUX port and Bluetooth, it has a microSD port so you have a set-it and forget it set list always ready to go.

Despite its small size, this speaker can bring the noise. The sound quality is amazing anywhere – from a room full of people, to poolside. With a 6 hours battery life, it can last the whole day on a single charge and it’s water resistant to suit any adventure it follows you on.

Small price too: $49.99.Available in 8 tempting colors.

About The Author

Ethan Bresnahan is a co-founder of marketing software company Boost Linguistics. A Boston native and honorary Philadelphian, he loves all things startup and tech.

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