Brandy Clark may not have won the Best New Artist or Best Country Album for this year’s Grammy Awards but her performance of her hit song “Hold my Hand” with Dwight Yoakam at the awards ceremony was one of the stand-out moments of the night.

For her Red Carpet walk, her style team decided to do a modern take on a 1920’s inspired vibe, a wavy updo with a low side knot.

 To get the look:

 Start with clean towel dried hair and work a bit of Big Sexy Hair Root Pump plus at the roots of the hair and massage in to distribute evenly.

 Then on the remaining hair, the lengths and the ends, work a little Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Renewal Cream Oil and comb through.

 Dry the hair encouraging lift at the root by using a vent brush, and then ruffle the remaining lengths and ends dry in preparation for the next step, the iron work.

 After the hair is dry, section through the hair and prep for the hot iron by spraying in Style Sexy Hair 450º Headset. (This will protect from the heat and also lock in the iron set.)


Using a ¾” curling iron, curl entire head starting from a definitive side part and wave hair in alternating directions, except for the bang area that is set in the same direction to create that S waved effect around the face.

 After iron curling is done, take a wide tooth comb and separate the curl. Then rub a small amount of Style Sexy Hair Slept In through the hair to give it a little extra texture.

 Artfully pin the hair in place and tie a loose knot on the right side of the nape so it’s visible from the front as well.


The key is using the right products. And having a beauty team doesn’t hurt!

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