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Nowadays, there are so many ways to connect with people all around the world. With the new app, PhotoMambo , it  turns your device (iPad/iPhone/Computer) into a digital picture frame.

It is very little work for you and even less for the receiver. Creating a slideshow or a “Mambogram” as the app calls it, takes a few minutes at most. Then send away. Both parties need to download Photo Mambo and create an account. Then you can start uploading photos and customizing your slideshow. You get choose a frame, how long each photo is shown, and an animation (Dissolve, Flip, Curl Up, ect).


When the receiver opens the app they are notified they have received a “Mambogram”. Soon as they click on it their device is turned into a digital picture frame that displays your images in a cool and fun way. New photos that you add to the slideshow are automatically added to the existing slideshow that was previously sent (great for showing new photos on your phone.)

It is much more personal and fun way to share photos than using Facebook or e-mail. PhotoMambo is better than e-mailing pictures because you get to create a personal slideshow that the receiver can view again and again and the receiver does not have to deal with the hassle of downloading and printing out pictures.


Your loved ones (we’re thinking Grandparents) no longer have to search through the photos you have uploaded or e-mailed to find a particular photo you have sent. All they have to do is open up the app and voilá, their device becomes a personal photo album. Photo Mambo is a simple and effective way to share what is going on in your life through photos with a friend or relative. Photo Mambo is so simple to use, all your relatives and friends will love it.

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Mackenzie is studying medicine at PENN Hospital. In her spare time, she enjoys doing yoga and traveling.

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