Forgot your workout gear while traveling? Or — and this is our excuse — didn’t have room for bulky shoes? The Marriott hotel chain heard this from travelers again and again so they launched the ‘Gear Lend’ program where you can get a pair of New Balance workout shoes plus clothing for use during your stay for only $5.oo.

For women they offer Capri pants, a sports bra, shirt, socks and shoes. Men will get a shirt, shorts, socks and shoes. Between uses, Westin says the clothes will undergo the same intense hot-water laundry process used on hotel sheets and towels. Also, the exterior of shoes will be cleaned and the inner soles will be replaced between guests.

To help you pack light and stay fit, we offer New Balance shoes and clothing for you to use during your stay for only $5.00 USD or the local currency equivalent. Now you can maintain your workout routine – wherever you go – without the added bulk of your fitness gear.


Marriott’s Westin found that 72% of its guests use its fitness centers. Fairmont says that 55% of its frequent guests work out regularly when they travel. Among Marriott’s most-frequent guests—those who stay 40 or more nights a year—more than 90% use its fitness centers.


Westin will carry women’s sizes from small to extra large in apparel and 6 to 10 ½ in shoes. Men’s sizes will range from medium to extra, extra large in apparel and from 8 ½ to 13 in shoes. The program will be available in all 174 Westin hotels and resorts worldwide.

So you don’t have any excuse to put your exercise program on hold when you travel. Sorry about that.

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