Who is Riley Rose? Not so much a ‘who’ and more of a ‘what’. Riley Rose is every beauty enthusiast’s dream come true.  Imagine if Sephora and Hello Kitty had a baby; that’s Riley Rose.

The Glendale Galleria welcomes a flagship location for Riley Rose (a branch of Forever 21), located by Macy’s. Upon walking in, it’s like stepping into a Candy Land board game. Every wall is “instagrammable”, with an interactive beauty bar, neon signs, and even refrigerated face masks above cold brew coffee.

The beauty store focuses on skincare, primarily from Korea. Californians will be thrilled to discover new products both in skin care and makeup. Riley Rose has a diverse inventory, you can stock up for your sweet tooth, your home, your face, and your body in a one-stop shop destination!

Is this how beauty stores are run in South Korea? If so we’re all about it here at Daily Candid News. Who says you can’t pick up your favorite eyeshadow, a birthday card, and cotton candy just because all in one location? We attended a private opening and got a first look at their product line. Ranging from one dollar sheet masks for your face, to fifty dollar plush pillows for your home Riley Rose has you covered. Don’t be deterred in addition to their Korean brands, they also have a full inventory of Australian beauty products, and known American brands like: Lime Crime, BH Cosmetics, Stila and more.  Riley Rose’s product line is literally a bloggers paradise. Even their cheeseboards are Instagram worthy.

You can shop Riley Rose here:

Glendale Galleria

100 W. Broadway

Glendale CA



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Carolina Bonetti is a US Navy Veteran, a freelance writer, and professional actor. A NYC to LA transplant; she's an expert on all things style,beauty, and pop culture. And most importantly a Mac and Cheese enthusiast.

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