The new buzzword in beauty these days is Hyaluronic acid (HA) but it’s actually not new at all – just the blend of serums and the delivery method have changed. It’s what’s in many injectable fillers that plastic surgeons use but now there’s a way to get the benefits of HA without the pain and cost of needle therapy.Why is HA so important? Simply put, it retains moisture and we lose it as we get older, hence dry, wrinkly skin. And don’t think it’s just for older people; HA decreases as we age… and it starts at around the age of 20. 

Now French brand FILORGA has taken their experience in medical aesthetics and applied it to a line of anti-aging cosmetics, using their proprietary blend of HA ingredients with a molecular delivery method that allows the HA to absorb into the skin, or as the company put it, ‘enabling active ingredient like NCTF®  (New Cellular Treatment Factor) to be absorbed into the dermis without injection treatment.’ (FILORGA developed NCTF and is the only company using it.)



For the full-on medical explanation, here you go:

Filorga proved that with a micro-vector (or chronosphere) it is possible to allow active ingredients to penetrate into the dermis without using a needle. Within its products, Filorga is using this special vector to encapsulate the NCTF and medical-grade hyaluronic acid. The micro-sphere is made with 100 layers of phospholipids that have affinity with our skin. In between the layers, FILORGA adds the NCTF and the Hyaluronic Acid. By being smaller in size than pores, chronospheres penetrate deep inside the skin and release throughout the day and night all of the ingredients in the dermis.

The super-star product is the Hydra-Hyal ( $69) in a unique pump, that keeps the ingredients air tight and active. In two weeks we started to see plumper, healthier skin and fine lines started to diminish. Containing 4 types of hyaluronic acid, it deeply penetrates the skin, instantly hydrating,  and creating a long-lasting youth-enhancing effect. As well, two plant-based ‘boosters’ continue to stimulate the production of hyaluronic acid in the dermis and epidermis in order to help restore the skin’s natural reserves.Though it goes on like an oil, it soaks in quickly and has a lovely silky smooth finish.

To keep the effects going, we lather on the Time Filler (see above) with peptide ($89), and use the brand-new Skin Absolute Day religiously. ($139.)

Skin Absolute Day

Skin Absolute Day

For instantly glowing skin, we use the Scrub + Mask (twice a week), which is like getting an oxygen facial in the doctor’s office. Unlike most masks, there’s a second part to the exfoliation; after scrubbing, leave the mask on and it will start to bubble, which is the reoxygenating process. When you stop bubbling, you’re done. ($59.)

Scrub mask.

Scrub mask.SCRUB & MASK ®

Packaged in luxurious bottles, jars and tubes which look great on your bathroom counter, the FILORGA line is kept airless to preserve all the formulas. So that pump of rejuvenating Hydra-Hyal will still be active months in.

For those of us on a Retin A treatment, the company recommends using their hydrating treatments such as Hydra-Hyal in the morning, along with one of FILORGA’s eye contour creams such as Optim Eyes (for dark circles, puffiness, fine lines) or Time Filler Eyes (for wrinkles, eyelids lift, stimulating eyelash growth). 

Optim Eyes

Optim Eyes

As you see from the prices, it’s luxury skincare at affordable prices. No appointment, no surgery, just great Filorga skin.

Available online or at all Nordstrom stores.

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