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We’ve seen the The Empire State Building’s famous light displays but never one that elicited such gasps (and some tears) from it’s NYC audience.To draw attention to endangered wildlife, a snow leopard, tigers, lemurs, and various snakes, birds and sea creatures were projected onto the famous building.

Asian and African elephants are endangered.

Asian and African elephants are endangered.

Using 40 projectors, images of the endangered wildlife moved across the south side of the building, dazzling viewers on the street and in nearby buildings. This marks the first time moving images scrolled across the Empire State Building, which is normally lit with colors and the occasional light show.

The spectacle was staged to promote the documentary “Racing Extinction,” a production of the Oceanic Preservation Society. Cecil wasn’t included in the presentation originally but was added to honor him after he was killed, an Oceanic Preservation Society spokesperson said.

The project cost $1 million, according to The New York Times.

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