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Why yes, that is ‘Pitch Perfect 2’ star Elizabeth Banks in an ad for Directed by Fred Savage, (yes, THAT Fred Savage) the ads are actually great fun and show Lizzy playing a real-estate-obsessed version of herself (according to the ad agency that made the spot.)

When asked about why she choose to do the campaign, Ms. Banks said: “I’m a little house obsessed and looking for a new home right now, which made the opportunity to work on the new ad campaign a great fit. I love the accessibility of My husband and I email each other photos of houses to look at and the other person can pull them right up – no matter where they are. The app literally allows you to take the home buying experience with you everywhere in your daily life.”

In the ad campaign, entitled “Real Estate in Real Time, ” Banks plugs’s app.


After finishing shooting the campaign, Kevin Arnold Fred Savage will take a break from directing and will return to the small screen as an actor coming up soon in a new Fox series “The Grinder,” also starring Rob Lowe.  Savage has been behind the camera directing favorite shows including Modern Family, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Phil of the Future, Wizards of Waverly Place and Zeke and Luther.  He also directed commercials for a number of leading consumer businesses, including the California Milk Board, Farmers Insurance and Fitbit.  Who knew?



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