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 Is there anything worse than dry, flaky skin in the cold winter months? We asked our resident beauty expert at Mario Badescu, Nicole Darmanin, how to keep our skin moisturized and protected from the elements.

Lip Wax

Like a lot of people my lips start to chap as soon as it gets cold out. I

can’t stand that uncomfortable feeling. This lip moisturizer is super

conditioning so it doesn’t just relieve the dryness temporarily, it

actually works to improve the skin’s condition. ($5)

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Cucumber Cream Soap

Gentle, creamy facial cleansers are a lifesaver if you want to prevent the

skin from becoming dry during the colder months. This one will keep your

skin flake-free until spring! ($12.)

The Moisturizer Magnet SPF 15

It is always tough to find a daytime moisturizer that will keep dry skin

soft and hydrated but not feel too heavy. The Moisture Magnet gives you

the best of both — the ultra-hydrating formula is like a drink for

parched skin and it sinks right in so you can apply your makeup right on

top! ($24.)


Vitamin E Body Lotion

The combination of cold air, indoor heat, and those irresistible

wintertime hot showers are the perfect recipe for dry arms, legs, elbows

and heels. Apply this cream while skin is still damp after showering to

seal in moisture. ( 6 oz – $10. 16 oz. $22)

Protein Night Cream

Did you know that people used to infuse their skin with protein by

sleeping with cuts of steak on their faces?! Use the Protein Night Cream

and wake with soft, perfectly hydrated skin, no butcher necessary. (1 0z. $22)

 All available at Mario Badescu.

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