Got a wicked hangover? The flu? Jet lag? Let the doctor come to you with the I.V. Doc which will send a nurse to your home at a moment’s notice to pump you full of rehydrating fluid intravenously. (That’s an IV for you non-medical types.) Based in New York, the company says  its a “discreet luxury service” and that they always do a phone consultation before sending a nurse to your house or office.

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Founded founded by a general surgeon, who in medical school would administer saline/vitamin IVs to get them through the long nights and rough days, he    saw that some people just needed a quick fix and thought: ‘Why not bring it to their homes?’ ”

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How it works is simple: Drips work better than glugging down gallons of water for a common hangover, because 100 per cent of IV fluid is absorbed by the body, against 50 per cent or 60 per cent of drinks and supplements taken orally. For a quick bounce-back from the flu, jet lag, exercise fatigue, food poisoning and general exhaustion, it’s a godsend. ( Prices range from $199 for a quick fix for jetlag and fatigue, to $399 for flu relief.)

Take the case study of Daria, a professional from San Francisco, who first heard about the I.V. Doc when she attended a friend’s wedding in New York in June She writes :“The bride had to be resurrected from the dead on her wedding day after overindulging at the rehearsal dinner. I had never heard of this kind of treatment — I thought it was for potentates and politicians and celebrities — but I watched as she had it and she turned from a very ashy green into the pinkest, most beautiful young bride I have ever seen.”

The IV Doc 'cures' some hung over party people in the Hamptons.

The IV Doc ‘cures’ some hung over party people in the Hamptons.

“People use the drip to combat hangovers, jet lag, fatigue, headache, nausea, post flu, and stomach viruses,” says a rep for the company. “It’s a luxury service that makes a lot of people feel better quickly.” All it takes is a phone call or a visit online to book an appointment.

It already operates in New York City, Long Island (including the Hamptons), Chicago, Los Angeles,San Francisco and just added Vegas ( a natural choice one would think.)

You can bet we’ll be using this service.

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