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When my daughter was younger, I wanted to tag her with a GPS microchip, like our pups. Since I couldn’t do that, this BURG 31 Smart Phone Watch would have been the next best thing. With GPS tracking and a “Find My BURG” feature that provides one-touch emergency SOS calls, and speed dialing of up to 3 pre-set numbers, I would have felt safer when she wasn’t with me. The company is also targeting this to Seniors, which is clever and sure beats wearing one of those Life Alert ‘I’ve fallen and I can’t get up’ pendants.


The  BURG 31 smartwatch functions as a standalone phone with an included SIM card to make and receive calls and texts without a smartphone needed (or it can connect to your smartphone through Bluetooth, if desired). Available in  8 eye-popping colors — light blue, orange, lime, red, pink, navy, gray and black–  BURG 31 is water resistant and comes  with traditional analog hands displaying time on the watch dial. For little ones still learning time, or grandparents grumbling about digital, this was the smart way to go.

It’s also reasonable priced at $129 and includes a free SIM card, USB to Micro USB cable, 4GB Micro SD card that can be upgraded to 16GB, headphones, watch battery, stylus, Quick Start Guide, band tool and language selector.  Additional BURG Smartwatch models are also available in a variety of colors and designs through AmazonBurg 31 has been making wearable tech for over 20 years so they know what they’re doing. I wonder if we can get our teenager to wear this and not tell her it has a GPS locator in it?

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