Those lovely French girls certainly have their secrets. The secret to tying  a perfect savoir faire scarf; the Je nais c’est quoi style; the tres belle skin.

We can’t help you with the first two but we have discovered what what French women have been using for over 50 years to fight wrinkles.  Developed in Paris, the wildly successful  Yon-Ka combines nature and science to combat every skin problem, particularly the dreaded signs of aging. You’ll find Yon-Ka in almost every Parisian’s  boudoir.



Our favorite? The hydration system, the HYDRA No.1 DUO, with it’s powerful anti-aging hydrating complex. The key is…you guessed it….keeping the skin hydrated. We’re big fans of the Hydra No1 Fluid, which is non-oily, easily absorbed and leaves the skin with a glowing, matte complexion. ($72.)

It gives the skin the moisture it needs and leaves your skin soft and shall we say, belle peau rosée….

• HYDRA No.1 SÉRUM, a hydration booster, used in combination with:

• HYDRA No.1 CRÈME – for dry or sensitive skin

• HYDRA No.1 FLUIDE – for normal to oily skin.

For a store — or spa– nearest you just check the site.


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