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But what about Kim Jong Un?  Is he bad?   Dennis doesn’t seem to think so.   Who do we believe….Dennis or Jang Song Taek, Kim’s Uncle and mentor?   We can’t ask Uncle Jang…unfortunately he was thrown, naked, into a cage with 5 other men and eaten by a pack of hungry dogs.   Which is a horrible way to treat dogs, in my opinion.    Apparently Uncle Jang was accused of crimes ranging from factionalism to fornication….which is frowned upon in North Korea, (but starving dogs is allright).

Now, Dennis has brought a whole basketball team with him to North Korea.   How he was able to talk them into it, I don’t know.   Do they plan on throwing the game or kicking the other teams butt?    Yea, this could be interesting….

Sadly, it is being reported today that Kim Jong Un’s Aunt Kim Kyong Hui (Uncle Jang’s widow) might be dead from either suicide or a heart attack.

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