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Just for fun, we liked to check out the Japanese Trend Shop for crazy beauty gadgets. This Face Expression Exerciser Pulltre claims to be an anti-aging skin care stretching tool. Regular use will supposedly  to help you combat the ‘nasolabial folds and the signs of aging on your skin. No longer be ashamed of your growing smile lines on your face.’

They go on to say ; ‘All you need to do is put the silicone Pulltre in your mouth. Open and close your mouth to start your exercise session. Then clench down on the mouthpiece and gently pull forward from the tabs for around 15 seconds. Next, pull to either side of your mouth for 30 seconds each. In total, repeat these stretching exercises for 3 minutes per day to start to see results.’


ONLY $53! We figure we get our facial exercises in every day just by talking.

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