Complexion Perfection

We had thought (hoped) that as we got older pimples would be a thing of the past. Imagine our horror when we discovered we can still get breakouts at any age. And we know it’s not just us — research shows that  nearly 85 percent of all people have breakouts from time to time.

That’s why we keep the Mario Badescu’s famous ‘Drying Lotion’ in our medicine cabinet at all times.

But for DEFCON 4 containment, we need this kit: the ‘Complexion Perfection Kit’ which  contains three use-as-needed products that can be incorporated into any skin care regimen. Why didn’t we know about the Drying cream sooner? It takes all the redness away, a dead give-away to a zit under makeup. And the ‘Special Healing Powder’ helps prevent breakouts in the first place.

Mario Badescu’s Complexion Perfection Kit includes:

Drying Lotion: The skin care first-aid must-have that fights pimples while you sleep.

Drying Cream: A dab of this Sulfur-powered cream under makeup cancels redness while it helps clear blemishes.

Special Healing Powder : Dust a small amount of this skin care powder onto trouble areas with a soft fan brush to manage shine and decongest pores.

But you can only buy the Mario Badescu’s’ Complexion Perfection’ kit at  Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale, 07/17/2014 – 08/03/2014, both in-store and online at 

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