If you asked a happy 6 year old why they liked their new Kids By Safilo glasses, they would probably tell you it’s because of the ‘awesome’ colors, how comfortable they are, that they don’t break, and you can ‘bend them all ways.’ Moms would probably just tell you how glad they are not to have to cajole their child into wearing their glasses every day! Oh, and they’d also mention that they’re safe (no metal parts or exposed hinges), durable, completely washable, lightweight and made from non-toxic materials. imgres

Glasses for children who need them is critical when you consider that 80 percent of a child’s learning occurs through his or her eyes, but yet hundreds of thousands of children needlessly suffer from undetected and untreated vision problems. 

We asked Eden Wexler, Director of Public Relations for Safilo US why the company recently developed the Kids by Safilo line (0-8 years.)


According to our research, 1 in 6 school-aged children have vision problems.  Some childhood vision problems can cause permanent low vision and poor quality of life for a child if left untreated by the age of 8. As a result, we purposely developed the Kids by Safilo eyewear collection designed specifically for children up to eight years of age.


DCN :What was missing from other kid’s lines of glasses?


Other children’s lines are usually sized down versions of adult frames that don’t meet the specific needs and requirements of children and their parents.  When designing the collection, Safilo closely studied the growing and changing shape of children’s heads and facial features and observed their behaviors when wearing eyewear.   What was born was a Kids by Safilo collection of six styles engineered with advanced technologies and materials to suit children’s specific eyewear needs.


DCN: What are the main features of the glasses?


The glasses are ergonomically designed to cover a child’s full field of vision but is also fashionable, comfortable, durable and lightweight.  The collection is safe from sharp edges and made of bio-based materials that are washable, hypoallergenic and non-toxic.


Also,the glasses do not weigh on the nose or hurt behind the ears as the frames were designed with a lower nose bridge and straight temples with a horizontal bend to “hug” the child’s head without putting any excessive pressure.  During their study of children’s behaviors, Safilo observed that kids often looked up at the world over their glasses to see a parent or teacher, and their vision wasn’t corrected at these times.  The enhanced design of the frame front enables the lenses to cover the children’s entire field of vision and to stay close to the eyes, ensuring effective correction from every point of view.

Kids glasses designed with children in mind. What a concept!


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