Boy, this sure is their year! DJ duo Drew Taggart and Alex Pall —  known to must of us as The Chainsmokers — had the summer’s best song with ‘Closer’ and to top it off, they took home a Grammy Sunday night for ‘Best Dance Recording’ for their new hit, ‘Don’t Let Me Down’ with Dava.

Besides sounding good, the boys looked smoking hot on the Red Carpet, well-groomed but still rock n’ roll. We asked Celebrity Groomer Simone how he got the effortless look. (And you thought it was easier being a guy! )

To prep Alex’s skin:

To prep Drew’s skin:

  • I also start with the same Herbal Mint Toner I use on Alex to give the skin a quick refresh. 
  • I then massage the Under Eye Complex into the skin for any unwanted puffiness or darkness and follow with Super Shape Recharge Cream in any dry patches as a nice way to revitalize the skin, topped with The Oil-Free Moisturizer to keep hydrated through the evening.
  • To finish the look I use a small amount of the Hydro Salve Lip Balm to keep lips smooth and moisturized and I will wipe off any additional shine. 

Alex’s Hair:

  • Since Alex has a beard now I use the Beard Comb to make sure its in good shape and put together in a way to last the night. 
  • For his hair I use the Hard Cream Pomade for shape and then cocktail with the Hard Water Pomade to add a last minute texture and shine which stays in place all night.

Drew’s Hair:

  • Drew did his own hair before the event tonight, so with Drew I keep it a bit more simple since he loves to have some flexibility as he runs his hands through his hair often. 
  • I used the Clay Pomade to achieve a more laid back, matte look right before he walked out the door.

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