You can tell a lot from celebs phone cases. For instance, Christina Milian is really into beauty, hence the lipstick Zero Gravity case she’s sporting.  Though they change their phone cases like their underwear, you too can afford some of these fashion statements. Or, if you’d rather, get one that proclaims your love for a certain star!


For instance, show your devotion to Ryan Gosling with the RedBubble ‘Hey Girl’ iphone case.


Or maybe it’s Chris Evans who floats your boat? Then this Evans collage case, also from RedBubble  is for you. ($26.)


 Sophia Vergara is a spokesperson for Covergirl and takes her work seriously, hence the case.


Selena Gomez is all about trends and fashion and has just about a case to go with every outfit and mood, but occasionally gets all creative like when she  DIY-ed her iPhone case to match her nails. (Before you try it, make sure you have a spare case, in case it doesn’t work out as well as hers.)


We’ve seen cute little ears sticking up from lots of celebs cases, from bunny ears to cats and bears. Alessandra Ambrosia shows some animal love with her sleepy cat phone. Kawaii Cases has some of the cutest animal and cartoon characters we’ve seen.


Personally, we have our eyes on this adorable Pikachu iPhone 6 Case ($19.) also from Kawaii cases.

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