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Two, two, two beauty products in one! From VITA LIBERATA, which is already famous for it’s self-tanning products (our review here), comes the first (to our knowledge) self-tanning mineral bronzer that gives you instant  all-over color, but also creates a long-lasting natural  tan.

How does it work?  “Crystal” technology allows DHA to activate from a dry crystalline form when placed in contact with skin that has been prepped with a layer of moisturizer or liquid foundation.  Applied with a kabuki brush, Trystal Minerals goes on just like any other bronzer.

How to Apply: Simply swirl the Kabuki brush in the powder and tap the handle on the edge of the pot to evenly distribute the minerals.  Applying over moisturizer or liquid foundation, blend the powder onto the face, neck and décolleté in swiping movements.  Use more around the cheek bones to achieve a contouring effect or a deeper tan result.

How long does it last? The tan effect will last 3-7 days.

Tanning tip: Make sure you moisturize well and let your lotion sink into the skin, or otherwise, you can look ‘patchy.’ If you’re not good at contouring, just brush evenly all over the face – and don’t forget your jawline and neck. It took us a few tries, but once we mastered it, we loved the healthy glow!

Price: $55 (with Kabuki Brush) $45 (without Kabuki Brush)/Sephora +

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