Why is the virus twice as deadly for blacks as whites?

According to the California Department of Public Health, the state’s black residents are dying from COVID-19 at nearly twice the rate of white residents. Today, the Wall Street Journal  reported that while socioeconomic factors such as gaps in access to health care contribute to the death toll, another ‘possible factor has been largely overlooked: vitamin D deficiency that weakens the immune system.’

Dr. Gould, who has been warning about the Vitamin D deficiency in this country for years, and the importance of Vitamin D in building the immune system, makes the connection. (Read his past articles here.)

The Power of Sunshine; The Skin Color Connection

Viruses are destroyed by sunlight and the UV radiation that is a part of the solar energy that reaches the earth.  Mother Nature ties a feeling of pleasure through beta-endorphins to what she wants you to do, did you ever notice how good the sun feels on your skin?

Sunlight on our bodies isn’t just safe, it’s essential for health, longevity, and happiness. Sadly, over the last 40 years, we have been brainwashed by the “Sun Care/Sun Scare” industry into believing all sunlight is toxic. Humans are solar-powered animals that take a charge off of the sun’s radiation, and use it to power many chemical reactions all over the body.

UVB is Ultraviolet radiation that creates vitamin D in our skin, a sun made hormone, that is essential for human health, and wellbeing, because it regulates the immune system.

The real victims of the dermatological industries’ shortcomings, and our medical communities ignorance of the importance of vitamin D are African Americans, due to the false narrative of the safety and importance of sun exposure. We are seeing an increased rate of death and negative outcomes in black Americans once infected with COVID-19.

Not to even slightly belittle the endemic and institutionalized racism African Americans have been, and are often still subjected to, there is one important piece of information we need to get out there.

“ Darker skin needs more sun exposure to make vitamin D, and for health. “

The higher rates of illness and chronic health problems in the African American community  are also directly linked to the lower vitamin D levels found in those with darker skin.  Many of the doctors themselves that fatally fell victim to this pandemic had darker skin and were living in northern climates.

Vitamin D regulates several different immune functions, and vitamin D deficiencies have been linked to illness, conclusively, in multiple peer-reviewed studies. Lower vitamin D levels are associated with the Cytokine Storm, which can be deadly.

Vitamin D is required in high amounts for us to produce the antimicrobial proteins that destroy viruses, including COVID-19

Vitamin D hormone experts are screaming out to our leaders sharing thousands of studies on the immune system, and viral defense response. Let’s hope the right people realize the D connection, and we can begin to spread the information on our bodies need for sunlight. Bolstering your own immunity will protect you from many disease processes, including cancer, not just COVID-19.

Skin color represents where your ancestors came from, and the level of UV radiation they, and the local population were subjected to over the years. Sunlight is a critical element of life on this planet that powers almost everything, lets help spread this information, and help those who may become victims because of our ignorance on how these miraculous bodies truly work.

We are solar-powered animals.