Models and boxing legend Sugar Shane Mosely and his son Shane Jr had a unique twist for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge . The Lotus Beauty and Fashion Awards, held in Malibu, had its VIP guests got to witness a one of a kind way of doing the  ALS bucket challenge. Models from the Lotus Beauty and Fashion Awards had set to hold a fundraiser to help with water and ocean conservation and invited boxing legend Sugar Shane Mosely. When Shane and his son Shane Junior arrived for the fundraiser, they came up with a double knock out for charity causes. Recently many in the media and online have been complaining  about water being wasted in the ALS Bucket Challenge due to a historic 100 year old record breaking drought in California.  And so Shane and his son decided to do something to make two good statements at once at the All Kings Poker hosted awards event.1544372_10152635694423194_942020842977083718_n [vsw id=”v=RMtNiv0zbRM” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”] Boxing legend ( above) Sugar Shane Mosely and his son Shane Jr. do the ice bucket challenge for ALS by recycling water from the oceans. Two good causes at once right before the start of the Lotus Beauty Awards  held in Malibu on the ocean. The Lotus Beauty Awards is made up of models organized by Miss California USA regional pageant director and actress Tara Rice (Miss North Hollywood and Miss West Coast),  who wanted to come out all summer to help save the oceans and bring awareness to the water issues in California along with its beauty and health sponsor LA Christine.  And when the Miss California USA contenders met up with Sugar Shane Mosely and his son, plans changed for a great statement made to conserve water in drought stricken California by using cold sea water from the beach for the challenge while at the same time carrying the  message for the badly needed support for families and victims stricken with ALS.10636328_389565324527561_2108666655948269691_n Miss California USA contenders fight for Water Conservation and ALS Ice Bucket Challenge at Lotus Beauty Awards Charity event.   ( L to R) Miss South Bay Teen USA Masha Shadchina, Miss West Coast USA Vanessa Galoub, Miss West Coast Teen Victoria Johnson, Boxing Legend Sugar Shane Mosely, Boxer Sugar Shane Mosely Jr. , Miss North Hollywood USA Brittany Wagner , Miss South Bay USA Allison Kim. ( missing Tara Rice director of the water initiative with The Lotus Beauty Awards). The charity cause that also got a boost besides ALS was , a coastal conservation non profit that has been spearheading beach cleaning initiatives, water conservation and ocean awareness campaigns.

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