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Beverly Hills Dr. Davis B. Nguyen is known as the ‘unplastic ‘doc, which might be confusing given that he’s a plastic surgeon. One of the most popular facial plastic and reconstructive surgeons in a town known for it’s, ah, augmented beauty quotient, the Yale-trained doctor explains:

‘My goal is not to change your looks, but to bring back you, so you don’t look ‘done’ but rather just ‘refreshed. We bring balance back’, he goes on the say, with a wide smile. ‘The results should appear natural and balanced so that a patient looks like the best version of his or herself.’

Unlike most doctor’s office’s, Dr. Nguyen’s is friendly and open, like the man himself. His staff is warm and welcoming, and all patients seem to  leave beaming. We take that as a very good sign.

While the doctor is kept busy with fillers, injectables, face lifts and doing wonders with resurfacing lasers — which treat fine lines, wrinkles and pigmented skin (see before and after below) he’s excited about some of the new advancements in his field, specifically how Botox is being used to treat depression. 


We can hear you going ‘Whaaaat?’ from all the way over here.

But think about it — Botox is now used very successfully to treat migraines.  In the same way, there’s some solid science behind Botox as a depression treatment;  a recent study in  Journal of Clinical Psychiatry looked at the effects of Botox, as administered on subjects suffering from major depression for at least six months, and had some surprising results. After a course of treatment – multiple injections of Botox into the “frown muscles” of participants, week over week – researchers saw ‘significant improvement of their depression symptoms. ‘ This could be a simple as the ‘Smile and you’ll be happy’ effect, or as Doctor Nguyen points out,  “In our image-driven society, the desire to look one’s best and age gracefully is more relevant now than ever.”The positive effects that a subtle facial rejuvenation (like Botox) can have on a patient are boundless!” But the doctor has had his own empirical results, with a number of depressed patients who after Botox treatments, ‘came out of their shell.’


If, as science tells us, our brain pays attention to what our bodies are doing and it affects emotions (the ‘facial feedback hypothesis’) than it makes sense that if we make ourselves smile then we release chemicals that make us genuinely happy. While it’s hard to control our emotions, its easy to use our muscles. ‘Smile, dammit!’ Basically, we’re using our body to trick our brain. It follows then that if Botox makes it harder to frown, we’ll be less miserable.

Whatever the long-term results of further studies, it’s win-win for patients. Get Botox and look better and feel better about yourself.

We’re sold.


Doctor Nguyen

9735 Wilshire Boulevard Suite #216

Linden Clinic

Beverly Hills, CA. 90212
Tel: 310.550.0288








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