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There are certain aspects of Bond that are iconic; his amazing cars, loaded with gadgets, his easy way with gorgeous women, and of course course his ‘shaken not stirred martini.’ So it makes perfect sense that Belvedere Vodka would collaborate on SPECTRE, the 24th installment of the James Bond series, due for global release on November 6, 2015.

In addition to the news that Bond is back on the Martini, Belvedere will also be gearing up to release two custom made, limited edition bottles to celebrate Bond’s vodka martini ‘Shaken not Stirred,’ and its partnership with the 24th Bond adventure, SPECTRE.

bv_007_silver saber

For the first time ever, Belvedere has replaced the iconic Belvedere Palace on the front of the bottle with the famous MI6 headquarters and the Belvedere’s signature blue palette will be switched for a distinctive green, mirroring the secret spy agency’s ink of choice. Count on it to be an instant  collector’s item since only 100 bottles will be made.

The second limited edition bottle will be a 007 inspired interpretation of Belvedere’s ‘iconic Silver Sabers, known for their cutting edge, metallic aesthetic and illuminating technology’ (shown above.)


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