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Bike covered

Remember when we told you about the strange pairing of Ardbeg Whiskey, a single malt whiskey from Scotland, and the reality show Orange County Choppers? One is a renowned whiskey and the other is, well, a reality show. Only made in small batches and aged at least ten years, Ardberg starts about $80 a bottle.

The  collaboration with custom motorcycle manufacturer (and reality show cast), Orange County Choppers, resulted in the creation of the Peat Hopper – a rugged, go-anywhere vehicle used for both farming and recreational purposes (which, I guess could be said is a true symbol of the Ardbeggian attitude?)

Founder of OCC,  Paul Teutul, Sr and the Orange County Choppers crew created two custom-made Ardbeg Peat Hoppers, which will travel the country on a sampling tour. The unveiling of the bespoke Ardbeg Peat Hopper for the very first time will air during the upcoming episode of Orange Country Choppers on Saturday, December 7th at 9pm / 8pm central on the CMT channel.



So, we had to ask:

CELEBZTER:  Paul, how did this collaboration come about?

PAUL TEUTUL SR. : We had worked with Ardbeg on a marketing campaign last year where we built them 2 of our basic production choppers. So when they re-approached us this year to work together again on a marketing campaign, we all decided to take it to the next level – with the Peat Hopper and with featuring it on an episode our new television show.

CELEBZTER: Can you tell us anything about the “Peat Hopper” you and your crew custom-made for Ardbeg? We understand the “big reveal” will be on your show?

PAUL TEUTUL SR: It’s a pretty cool concept – somewhat of a cross between a chopper and a tractor. So it looks like a trike, but performs like a motorcycle. Yes, the Peat Hopper will be unveiled on our new TV show, Orange County Choppers on Saturday, December 7 at 9/8c on CMT.

CELEBZTER: What do you think accounts for the popularity of your show?

PAUL TEUTUL SR. : I think people are interested in the choppers foremost, how we get to the concept, the design and then finally the intricacies of both the fabrication and assembly.



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