Fashion can be subjective but I think we all can agree that Bjork’s dress at the 2001 Oscars is an epic fail. The dead swan dress was so 1998.

gallery-1456180059-gettyimages-78283745-masterWho ever would have thought that Kate Hudson would be on this list, but again, it was 2001. Since her Wild West Salon dress days,the actresses regularly makes the best-dressed lists. Crisis averted.


Who can forget Lady Gaga’s 2015 red gloves disaster? Certainly not the Internet. Instead of an edgy look, it appeared as if she’d just come from washing dishes. Whaaaaaat?


Who’s to blame for this 2002 number Gwyneth wore to the 2002 Oscars? Maybe designer Steve McQueen, maybe her stylist. It certainly didn’t do her any favors. And that hair!


Looking like a giant pink Ruffle potato chip, actress Vera Farmiga is lost in this gown in 2010. Ugh.



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