Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia and it is home to a diverse culture, which includes hundreds of dishes from all over the world. Majority of the dishes are local all prepared differently depending on the locality. One thing all the dishes have in common is undeniable delicacy. Indonesia in general prides itself in traditional thick and savoury dishes with majority of them influenced by Indian, Arabian and Chinese foods. If you have had a chance to taste any of the foods from these regions, then you may have an idea of what to expect when you get to Jakarta. 

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Jakarta is also a major tourist destination with people visiting the city in droves every year. If you are new to Asian foods, we have selected a list of some of the best dishes to enjoy once you are here. You will find these dishes in some of the best hotels in the city and everywhere you go. Ayana Midplaza-Jakarta, one of the 5 star hotels in Jakarta is one restaurant where you can enjoy an abundance of different cuisines surrounded by amazing views and great ambience. 

5 of the most delicious dishes to try in Jakarta-Indonesia

  1. Bakso

Bakso is one of the most favourite dishes in Indonesia. It is dish of meatballs prepared differently by people in Indonesia depending on their localities and traditions. It is also a national dish and you will find it in almost every part of the city. Indonesians take Bakso either for dinner or lunch. The ingredients used for this dish are beef and flour. The mixture of meat and flour combine to form meatballs, which Indonesians serve with a variety of vegetables. It is especially common during the cold and rainy seasons because it warms up the body. 

  1. Nasi Padang

Nasi Padang is by the far the most favourite dish for the Indonesians. The name Padang comes from an area in west Sumatra. The best 5 star hotels in Jakarta and other smaller restaurants almost all have Nasi Padang in their menu. Though Nasi Padang is a selection of various dishes, with thick and very rich savoury flavours, the most common ingredients in all the dishes are coconut milk and a variety of herbs. The most popular Nasi Padang dish is rendang. Some people claim that rendang is the most delicious dish in the world. You can only try it to prove them right or wrong. 

  1. Gado-Gado

Gado-Gado is the English version of peanut sauce with vegetable salad. Indonesians love this dish and even as a first time visitor to the city of Jakarta, you will enjoy it too. The ingredients that make up Gado-Gado are boiled vegetables like cucumber, sprouts, morning glory, long bean and spinach among others and rice cakes. Peanut sauce topping completes the dish. If you love peanut butter, you will love the taste of Gado-Gado. 

  1. Soto

Soto comes in different versions depending on the locality. Though the Soto dishes all have different ingredients and tastes, they are all very delicious. In Jakarta, you will definitely find all the Soto versions in some of the best restaurants in the city. The most common versions are Soto Lamongan, Soto Retawi, Soto Ngawi, Soto Kudus, Soto Banjar, Soto Padang, Soto Makassar and Soto Mie Rogo among many other versions. If you are to taste as many versions as you possibly want, then pay a visit to 5 star hotels in Jakarta or visit the local places if you want the authentic taste of the original Soto dishes. Whatever you choose, you will enjoy the aroma and rich flavours of the dish. 

  1. Mie Goring

The last of the most popular dishes is Mie Goring, which is a dish of fried noodles. This dish is simple and everyone makes it in Jakarta. It is also a favourite in many of the restaurants. To make the dish even more special, Indonesians add vegetables, meatballs or seafood to it. 

Wrapping it up

The above are just some of the best dishes you should try out on your next visit to Jakarta. You will also discover that the Indonesians have hundreds of other dishes that will tease your taste buds and ask for the recipes. Whether you are putting up in a local place or in one of the best restaurants in the city, food in this city will not disappoint. 

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