Those who didn’t buy some of those $13,000 Fyre festival packages for the Bahama ‘lifestyle event’ are thanking their lucky stars — and having fun on social media with the disaster (Think rats, poorly constructed tents, no food, looting, and no organizers on site.) SO why did so many plunk down so much money for this disaster? They were ‘influenced ‘ by the top models — Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Emily Ratajkowski and Hailey Baldwin  — that the festival paid to go down and hedonistically post about the idyllic setting and upcoming event. Sensing a major media meltdown,   Bella Hadid took to Twitter over the weekend to quickly apologize.

How long before the public realizes that those social media ‘influencers’ they idolize are just paid shills? You think your favorite fashion blogger absorbs that outfit she just posted about? She was PAID, very often thousands of dollars, for that post. It’s just commercials disguised as an Instagram, Snapchat or Facebook post.