Not that you’d know it from any fashion, ad but the average American woman is not an anorexic waif, rather 67 per cent of US women are size 14 to 34. That’s why an ad in this month’s Vogue caught many people by surprise. Featuring six beautiful, voluptuous women from designer Lane Bryant with just the hashtag #PlusIsEqual, it celebrated zaftig beauty but offered no other clues.

The mysterious ad in Vogue.

The mysterious ad in Vogue.

Now the Lane Bryant campaign has launched, using ONLY full-figured models, such as Candice Huffine, Ashley Graham, Precious Victoria Lee, Georgia Pratt, Justine Legault and Sabina Karlsson.

The website explains :’We believe all women should be seen and celebrated equally. It’s time to unite our voices. Because there’s power in numbers and together we can change the equation.’ Take that, skinny Victoria’s Secret Angels.


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