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Kate Somerville.

Kate Somerville.

Ever wonder how the beauty pros always have such gorgeous skin? Yeah,us too, so we decided to ask some of the leaders in the field for their insider tips. We got everything from “eat radishes to speed your digestion” to “exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate!”

First up, Kate Somerville, a skin care goddess known for taking care of many A-listers skin.


1) Exfoliate regularly (2-3 a week, depending on skin type). It’s absolutely crucial for removing dry, dead skin cells and deep cleaning pores.

 Look for exfoliating formulas with Fruit Enzymes, like Pumpkin, Pineapple or Papaya Enzymes, like my ExfoliKate Intensive Exfoliating Treatment, to gently dissolve dead skin. Stay away from products containing sharp nuts or seeds, because they can actually damage skin. Always exfoliate with steam (I recommend in the shower).  Steaming not only warms the skin, it also adds moisture and hydration to soften skin.

 2) Know your skin!  Are you oily, combination, dry? Take the time to assess your skin and your concerns. Think of your skin as having different eco systems – not every area has the same characteristics and concerns. Are you dry around the eyes, but experience hormonal breakouts on your chin? Taking the time to get to know your skin will really help you make more of an educated decision and help navigate through products in-store.


 Susan Ciminelli who has built a beauty empire on her natural skincare line, has a book jammed with beauty tips called The Ciminilli Beauty Solution and is famous for her Marine Lotion, which Jennifer Lopez credits for her glowing skin.


(‘Beauty From The Inside Out’ quote: )

1.  Keep your colon clean by drinking Kombucha tea daily, liquid acidophilus and keeping your body hydrated to prevent break outs. 

2. Make sure you cleanse and hydrate your skin morning and night to keep your skin dewy and fresh, and never leave the house during the day without your sunscreen. 


“Like shapewear for your face,’ proclaims Dermovia, maker of the ‘Lace Your Face,’ the in-home facial treatment mask. With masks infused with advanced, clinical-grade ingredients that treat various skin conditions for long-lasting benefits, customers swear by their benefits. Reportedly, it has similar effects to compression gauze bandage used in medical field for wound healing and effective epidermis delivery system.

Here’s some tips from Anita Sun, co-founder of Dermovia:

1) For a cool mask, refrigerate for 10 minutes prior to application for a refreshing facial anytime.

2) After a rough night or weekend, use one of the masks to rejuvenate your skin. You’ll look dewey fresh in no time!



 Danne Montague-King, DMK

The DMK line is well-known to a select group of women, famous for it’s botanical-based paramedical products and methodologies. We saw real, sustainable results, and swear by their night firming cream. We asked him for a few of his beauty secrets:

1) Ues that vitamin C works to provide potent antioxidant protection, shielding our skin from damaging free radicals and environmental factors which we know promote premature ageing.

2) Cleanse face morning & night with a herbal based detox cleanser containing soap barks, like white oak! 

3) Apply a beta glucan serum morning & night to enhance your skin’s immune system (Langerhans Cells) to avoid Solar DNA Damage.

4) Apply a 30 SPF Transepidermal Sunscreen (water into oil formulation preferably) daily regardless of if you think you might go out into the sun or not. 


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