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Lea Boss

#ActuallySheCan  is an innovative campaign that inspires young millennial women to achieve their professional, personal, health, wellness and societal goals.

Lea Michele – The Glee and Scream Queens actress of course, has launched a empowering campaign for millennial women, encouraging them to set goals including “be your own boss” and “you shine, I shine” and share on social media. The hope is this movement will create a larger conversation about female achievement and well-being, and support women.


Says Lea:

“I attribute my personal and professional successes to not only my self- reliance and determination, but to the inspiration, education and support I received from others who helped me stay true to myself and my goals,” Lea Michele states. “I am sharing my #ActuallySheCan story so I can help motivate and encourage all women to share their individual journeys and goals, so we can collectively help each other reach milestones. There is nothing more gratifying than seeing a woman leave her mark.”

#ActuallySheCan is additionally supported by iJustine and Lo Bosworth as well as women’s health activists, to support a platform that educates, celebrates and motivates young women in an authentic way to reach their full potential.

As a call to action, join the #ActuallySheCan movement and share YOUR goals on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Visit for more info. and make your own placard. We’ve included some of our favorites below:

Lea Shine

Smart and beautiful #ActuallySheCan

Single and loving it. #ActuallySheCan

Changed my mind. #ActuallySheCan

Having fries with that. #ActuallySheCan

Wearing the pants. Or the mini skirt. #ActuallySheCan

Breaking the glass ceiling – and not a single nail #ActuallySheCan

Open my own jars, doors and business. #ActuallySheCan

Ditching the diet. #ActuallySheCan

Selfie like no one is watching. #ActuallySheCan

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