This morning Apple CEO Tim Cook, announced the much-anticipated Apple Watch (don’t call it the iWatch) which, again as expected, can red email, make calls, control music, manage all your Instagram posts, track your workout, act as a credit card, and open your hotel room door. The question is, will this be the game changer for smart watches? Other companies have released smart watches to a lukewarm reception. For a generation that grew up checking their phone for the time, a watch seems incidental.


But Apple has a history of making their gadgets indispensable. Witness the iPad. Many people said it was redundant,  now most people own one, and it’s given the laptop a run for it’s money.

Pre-orders start April 10 and the devices will range from $349 to as much as $10,000 for a luxury edition, The Apple Watch Edition, a luxury model with 18-karat gold. You can buy the watch starting April 24th.

Industry watchers are curious to see if this shakes up the wearable tech Industry.

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