Move over Banksy.

In Paris, there’s a street artist who goes by the nom-de-plume ‘AnonyMouse’ and creates tiny tableaus for some lucky mice.


According to urban myth, the artist’s work was first spotted in 2016 in the coastal city of Malmö in southern Sweden. Today, by last count, there are Anonymouse’s 25 handmade miniature sets on the streets of Sweden, France, and the Isle of Man.

We do know the artist belongs to the Swedish art collective, who had this to say about the mysterious artist:

“AnonyMouse is a loosely connected network of mice and men,” the collective tells My Modern Met. “Our main drive is to bring a little bit of everyday magic to children and pedestrians passing by.” From a little record store filled with mouse-themed albums to a miniature Indian restaurant where all dishes are paneer, each street installation features an incredible amount of detail.’

Whomever you are, please keep making these.




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