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Days after the troubled star announced she was engaged (!) Amanda Bynes is accused of scratching fans who tried to take photos of her at a nightclub in the ritzy Chelsea neighborhood.

Reports say the star arrived alone and danced by herself but when some adoring girls tried to take her photo she turned on them and scratched a patron on the neck and arms!

And then later on Tuesday the Amanda star was spotted wandering around Bloomingdales, muttering to herself and wearing just one shoe.

Coming just a week after being arrested in L.A. on suspicion of DUI, it makes us wonder if she’s gone off her anti-psychotic meds though she told Star that :   ‘People are trying to make me look crazy, but I’m not. I’ve had breakdowns and am trying to get healthy to figure out my life. I have to fight this feeling I have for revenge against people who were unkind to me. I’m on medication now, and I’m trying to find out who I can trust.’

Someone get Amanda help, stat!


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