The Los Angeles Athletic Club debut’s it’s sensational summer menu featuring: classic and innovative cocktails, paired with mouth-watering bites. Proudly nestled in the heart of downtown the LAAC brings the perfect melding of classic glamor and modern day upper-class experience. This is one location you must add to your LA attendance list.

Walking into the LAAC you’re greeted by a calm receptionist; who whispers your destination is located on the third floor. The elevators are still classic originals that sweep open into an old-school boys club open foyer. The marble and tile lead you towards a temperature controlled private room wine collection; which wraps past The Famous Players café and into Invention. The oldest bar in Los Angeles keep’s it’s fresh approach by curating a seasonal food and drink menu for its patrons.

This season we are raving for Invention’s Kumquat and Tamarind cocktail. It’s topped with rosemary and a liqueur so fine, you best be on guard. We couldn’t stop fawning over their smoky margarita. It’s a new take on a classic staple, which you should absolutely partake in. The cocktail menu was curated by none other than Marcos Tello of Liquid Assets. Not to leave your taste buds in the dark, the seasonal menu is an explosion of simple yet savory flavors created by Chef Charles Olalia. You might have heard of him as the genius behind LA’s popular Rice Bar, among other note worthy restaurants. The seasonal menu for food at Invention’s bar includes four decadent choices.

We couldn’t stop enjoying the salmon, beets, and goat cheese pairing of their ‘Beet Cured Salmon Tocino’. The resounding crowd favorite was the menu’s ‘Bowl of Spring Bounty’.  The bowl is gorgeously presented with quinoa adobo topped with a perfectly soft-cooked hen egg. The flavorful dish is finished with a spring salad and accented with lemon scented rice flakes. One look at the presentation and you won’t doubt the talent that has made Chef Charles Olalia renown. Other summer additions to the menu include:  ‘Mushroom and Garlic Dumplings’, as well as  ‘The Avocado Toast’ which is accented by an anchovy seasoning which will ensnare your senses. You’ll just have to visit yourself and let us know which dish you’re dying for.

You DO need to be a member of the Club or a guest of someone, though there are ‘social memberships’ available which are less expensive and let you take advantage of all the food, bars and events.

Invention’s bar is open 11am-10:30pm, Monday-Friday and 11am-3:30pm on Saturdays. Dinner is available 5:30pm-9pm Monday-Friday. You can expect to spend between $$-$$$ depending on how many of the 15 seasonal cocktails you just HAVE to experience. We’re not judging you.

You can visit LAAC’s website here.