We’ve all seen those TV ads were hyperactive pitch people swear their product is a miracle, for instance it will diminish all your fine lines and make you look 10 years younger in 90 seconds!!!!

Here’s the thing; the Jouve Instant Tightening Serum actually does what they claim. We did the ‘half-face’ test and on the application side our crows feet disappeared and the bags under our eyes went POOF!


Over repeated tries we discovered a few things:

1) Apply sparingly. A little goes a long way.

2) It wears off quickly if you’re using an oil-based foundation so it’s best to use a mineral base.

3) It still worked best for us when we used it without make-up.

So, how does it work? We went straight to the source and asked Deanna Latson, Jouvé’s CPO & Founder.

DAILY CANDID NEWS: How did you ‘invent’ the two new products, the Jouve Instant Tightening Serum and the Dark Spot Corrector and Brightening Cream?

Deanna Latson

Deanna Latson


I’ve always been passionate about helping people understand how important it is to know what is in the products they are putting on their faces. The skin care industry has very little oversight or regulation – people would be shocked to know what’s in their face creams! We set out to create luxurious skin care products using natural, non-toxic ingredients that we would feel comfortable handing to our own daughters to use.

Today’s savvy consumers are seeking safe, non-toxic, skin care products they can trust. We worked for more than two years developing these products to meet those demands. Our goal was to get the same results as high-profile, expensive products while using only pure, natural ingredients. What we ended up with not only matched their results – they exceeded them!

DCN: How does the Instant Tightening Serum work? Is there a secret ingredient?

DEANNA : This serum is a multi-functional product that works in two ways. First, it contains a special peptide (a mix of 8 amino acids), that when applied to skin, relaxes the muscles and helps reduce lines and wrinkles over time. You can expect to see a significant reduction in fine lines and wrinkles over a 28 day period. The second set of ingredients is a combination of natural minerals that sit on top of the skin to create instant results. You can literally see your wrinkles disappear in 90 seconds!   

DCN: Are the products all-natural?

DEANNA: We’re passionate about creating safe, pure products using the highest-quality ingredients sourced from nature. When it comes to purity, we did something really unique in the industry, we put in writing a never-ever list, publicly committing to our consumers that we will never use toxic chemicals that are way too common in the industry. Our skin care line is EWG VERIFIED as free of unacceptable ingredients including parabens, formaldehydes, artificial colors, lead acetate, BHAs, chloroforms, mercury compounds, phthalates, microbeads, synthetic fragrances and more. Unfortunately a lot of high end skin care brands use these. All they care about is the surface of the skin, not the ramifications of what’s happening inside.


DCN: What is the one big mistake you see women make with their skin?

DEANNA : That’s easy! Using way too many products that you don’t really need and that can actually have negative long-term effects. Many people buy on impulse; we’re easily influenced by celebrity brands and high-tech, expensive packaging. You don’t need a line of 15 different products to look great. You really only need a few really good, high-quality products. It’s time to go back to our science class and take the time to research what ingredients or chemicals are in those products you are looking at. What do they do? Can they be detrimental to your health? It doesn’t take long to do research and there are many reputable online resources that are easy to use, like EWG, a leading environmental health nonprofit. It’s time to get serious about taking care of your skin. Do your research, avoiding smoking, follow good nutrition guidelines.

The bottom line? A healthy life equals healthy skin.

$85 for a tiny tube (0.5 fl. Oz) but remember a little goes a long way. Buy it here.

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