1) The new Creative Aurvana ANC headphones are great sounding —-crisp high frequencies with a solid bass and clean sound separation —     arguably the most important positive in headphones.

2)  Active Noise-canceling keeps out EVERYTHING, which makes them perfect for  a busy office — or long flights.

3) Foldable Headphones in a handy case, again makes them perfect for travel.

4) The inline mic with remote puts you in control of your music playback and phone calls. Joggle between both without touching your phone.

5) The price point — at $129. — makes them a deal.



  1. Even with ‘leatherette ear cushions’ we didn’t find them comfortable for great lengths of time (nor did others in our office.) It wasn’t the weight but the actual design; perhaps if the ear cups were larger.
  2. If you  want to wear these around your neck, as one does when traveling, it’s a little like being in a choke hold.

Bu again,  for $129 the Aurvanas’s are  a steal.

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