I case you’ve been binge-watching on Netflix and have missed last week’s news cycle, the much anticipated Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue is out. While we can’t get you those perfect bodies — or the teeny tiny bikinis — we can help you achieve those gorgeous beach bronze tans. Wonder how they got them? We did too so we asked Celebrity makeup artist Allan Avendano how he prepped the ladies for the shoot and got that just-tanned look without the sun. His #1 tip : Use the  VITA LIBERATA Luxury Tan products which adjust to every skin tone for a non-toxic sun-kissed color.Models ranging from Gigi Hadid, Chrissy Teigen, Ronda Rousey, Ashley Graham, Irina Shayk & Lily Aldrige have all the perfect tan courtesy of Allan and Vita Liberata. Here are his expert tips: (DO try this at home!)


Step-by-step application process: 

When the girls arrived the night before, I would make sure that they washed off the lotion or oils on their body. I applied the VITA LIBERATA Rapid Tan Mousse or pHenomenal Mousse onto the Tanning Mitt and began to apply it onto dry un-moisturized skin.  I would pay special attention to areas that crease (i.e. Knees, backs of knees, elbows, fingers etc.) by using a wet tissue to blot off a little bit off the product and diluting the product that is on the skin. They would sleep in the product overnight and the next morning they would do a quick rinse but no soap because it allows the product to continue to develop. Because the conditions were very sunny and hot, I made sure to apply the VITA LIBERATA Passionflower and Argan Oil SPF 50 to protect their skin from the harmful UV rays without risking the tans coming off.  However, I mixed the SPF with the  so that it added a highlight and made the Body Blur easy to spread all over the body.

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 How do you suggest to apply the products to get the look at home?

 The same way. Just make sure you have clean dry and un-moisturized skin before applying the product so that it will adhere to your skin. Using the Tanning Mitt is the key to a perfectly streak free and even tan. 

Swimsuit 2015: West Coast Shoot Chrissy Teigen Various/NA, NA, USA 7/12/2014 X158431 TK4 Credit: Yu  Tsai Swimsuit by: TeenyB Bikini Couture

Swimsuit 2015: West Coast Shoot
Chrissy Teigen 

Do you have any tips or tricks for application?

 I would finish one area of the body before starting on any other part to make sure you didn’t miss any. And just double check each area so that you can use the mitt to buff out any streaks or areas you missed. 

What is your technique for adding highlight?

 Highlighting is a must. Body Blur is my favorite. In order to get it to be more emollient to spread all over the body, I mixed it with the Passion Flower Argan Oil SPF 50. With the sun in every direction, I didn’t just choose areas to highlight. I put it over their whole body so that it was a 360 degree glow!

Ashley Graham.

Ashley Graham.

How can you ensure products stay on the body and last?

Ideally, I like the product to stay on the body for a full 24 hours to get the maximum developing time. With the Sports Illustrated conditions and schedule, we don’t have that luxury. When at home, avoid rinsing and putting anything on the body for 24 hours. Because VITA LIBERATA doesn’t smell like other self tanners, you will be okay.

If someone is trying self-tanner at home for the first time, what would you tell them?

Don’t be afraid because VITA LIBERATA’s color is the best. You won’t look orange and the VITA LIBERATA products adjust to your skin tone giving you the most natural looking tan. Also the no-smell factor is a big deal.

Lily Aldridge

Lily Aldridge

Editor’s Note: We swear by all the Vita Liberata products and if you’re wondering which one to start with, we’d recommend the Rapid Fast Tanning Mousse which comes in different shades. You can’t go wrong!

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