We thought we were happy with our Creative Labs Roar bluetooth speaker. But then they came out with the new iRoar, which as the ‘i” might suggest, means you can personalize your music to suit your tastes. It’s got everything we wanted — great highs, happy mid-range and kick-ass bass —  plus features we didn’t even know we wanted, like NFC easy pairing – you literally just tap the top of the iRoar cabinet and it’s ready to stream your playlist. Plus, it supports aptX, aptX low-latency, AAC codecs, and SBC codecs for wireless streaming. On top of the cabinet there’s contextually aware capacitive touch controls for customization and personalization. Easy peazy.


That’s what makes this Bluetooth speaker different than the other brands is how you can customize, such as  using DSP settings like Live Concert, Audiophile Bliss, Game On, Sonic Bass, Cinemania, or make your own personalized preferences. So not only does it sound good, but it’s a smart speaker on top of that..


An improved battery gives you 20 hours of playback time and at 2.5 pounds, it’s very portable.

With the Mic (sold separately)the iRoar  doubles as a wireless personal PA system — or, a karaoke machine. And there are over 20 adds-ons that turn the speaker into an alarm clock, a metronome, a silly Voice Morph feature which would be a novelty for only the first minute.


Worth every penny of  the $369. at Creative Labs.

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