Basically, it’s a media server to organize — and help you share —  all your personal video, music, and photo collections plus streams them to ALL of your screens. Like a Netflix for your personal media, Plex works on over 40 devices and platforms, such as Roku, Chromecast, Apple TV, iOS and your game systems ie. Xbox. Figure, it’s your own person media hub.



Well, for one thing, there’s a free version, which satisfies most of us, unless you have TONS of media and/or are a gamer, then you’re going to want Premium at $4.99 a month. Stream your media any any device you give it access too. Share your movies or music – and visa versa– with your friends.( I envy one of my friend’s music collection so trying to get them to download Plex account too.) It even has a cool metadata feature, which pulls info according to your content , ie. it shows you the tour dates for your favorite bands.

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COST: Two-tier system, try the free one first.

PERFORMANCE: Naturally, it depends on the connection speed of your own network.

INTER-FACE :  Handsome, easy to navigate screens.

SET-UP : The download is easy; what takes the time is adding all your media. But that’s just a one-time process.

BOTTOM LINE: Worth the price (again, FREE) though once you start using it you’ll want to upgrade to premium for all the added features. ($4.99 a month or $159 for a lifetime pass.)

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