Veronica Everett-Boyce founded Urban Fitness 911 three years ago in Los Angeles, CA. to, as she says, ‘addresses the disparity of health and fitness for youth and adults by providing them with wellness, fitness, nutrition, mentoring, and tutoring.’ She would know — she grew up on welfare, couldn’t read until she was in 10th grade, her father had killed himself when she was young, and yet she graduated from a PhD program. ‘If I can do it, so can they,’ she says, meaning at-risk-children.



Recently, Urban Fitness 911 collaborated with artists deadmau5, SOFI, the voice and writer behind deadmau5 singles “Sofi Needs A Ladder” and “One Trick Pony”, and Tommy Lee from Motley Crüe to speak at the King Drew Magnet Golden Eagle School in Compton, CA.

By speaking with students about the importance of perseverance and not losing sight of their dreams, and how they were able overcome difficult times in their lives in order to create profitable businesses and personal success, they hope to encourage the youngsters.

As part of their program, The Urban Fitness 911 opened the doors of their 1st live-in housing program, which offers a 2 year education and employment program for young woman to transition to adulthood and to leave the program with an Associate’s degree. To support this worthwhile program, go to UrbanFitness911.com.

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