Reasons Why You Get Rejected By Women

Do you think that you don’t know how to communicate with girls at all? Or maybe you think that modern women are not worthy of you? Probably, some of this is really true, but what’s the use of this truth if you can’t use it? We don’t want you to despair and give up your attempts to get acquainted with good and beautiful girls. But for everything to go well, you need to know why women respond with a refusal. There are not so many reasons, so you need just remember them. The reasons were provided by vip site

  1.      You are too impudent

Arrogance is a big flaw, especially in the first stages of dating. Some men think that if they are impudent, it will hide their insecurity and inability to communicate with girls. They think that this will hide all their shortcomings, but, in the end, everything works exactly the opposite. If you really want to talk about your merits, you don’t need to focus on them.

  1.      You are too shy

The flip side of the previous coin is the understanding that girls don’t like shy guys. They appreciate the confidence of men. And often they appreciate it much more than a good job, a good sense of humor or an expensive car. What does a confident man do? He makes a decision without hesitation, but at the same time, he is polite and calm. He is a real gentleman and that is why he is not rejected by every woman.  

  1.      She’s not from your league

It happens and there’s nothing good about it, but you can’t argue with reality. Let’s face it – some women will never even have sex with you. You don’t even have a chance. Your appearance, your financial status, age or social status may be the reason. Be realistic.

  1.      You’re too self-centered

It’s a problem of many guys who are constantly rejected by women. Remember, flirting is not when you talk about yourself all the time. A woman can pretend that she is interested in your life, but most likely, she is just polite. What is the conclusion? Talk less about yourself, listen more to stories from a girl (even if it’s very boring). Overcome yourself if you don’t want to stay alone.

  1.      Hygiene

Unfortunately, this is still one of the most common causes of women’s refusal. It’s only you who are to blame. But, fortunately, it’s quite easy to fix it. Take a shower, brush your teeth, wear clean clothes, and use a hairbrush and perfume. Don’t go out on a date, unless you are sure that you are clean enough for this. It’s simple.

  1.      Bad sex

Getting rejected by a woman after sex, you should understand that the reason is in it. But what was wrong? Women also have sexual needs. If you don’t satisfy these needs, then a girl can reject you very quickly. There are enough sex guides in the world. Read at least one of them.

  1.      You’re just not her type

Okay, you didn’t do anything wrong but she still refused. Why did this happen? In fact, there is no any serious reason. A girl is just looking for someone else, not you. It is possible that she doesn’t have a physical attraction or she doesn’t like the character you have.

  1.      You are a jerk

It would be unfair not to mention this case because there are too many jerks in this world to hope that you are not one of them. Only work on your personality will help you here and nothing more. It is a difficult thing to be good for everyone. But it is better to become such a man today and not later. Girls don’t expect something good from jerks, they are not trusted, and good women don’t fall in love with them.

  1.      You’re out of luck

And here nothing depends on you. A girl could have a bad mood and she would like you any other day but not today. Today is a bad day for her, which means she can refuse you. Getting rejected by a woman, just remember that relationships have an element of chance that can’t be ignored. Don’t get upset in vain.


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