Moms deserve everything the world has to offer. They live through the stresses of pregnancy, birth, and parenthood, all for their children.

Whether it is her birthday, Mother’s Day, or Christmas, you want to make sure you make her happy with the gift you give her.

You take a trip to the store, surf across the web, but no item you find will ever live up to what she deserves.

She probably has all the kitchen items she needs and all the pairs of shoes she could ever want. Jewelry, unless customized, is nothing special.

Whatever you decide to get your mom, it has to serve a purpose. No more dust collectors sitting on shelves. She’d love to get something she can use every day.

Give your mom a gift that she’ll enjoy for more than just a few minutes. Here are seven gift ideas for her favorite child.

  1. Essential oil diffuser

Being a mom can be stressful. She probably has to work, cook, clean, care for the kids and pets, do the shopping, and a slew of other daily tasks.

To wind down after a long day, an essential oil diffuser would be just the ticket. Mom can add her favorite oils and prop her feet up with a book letting the scent of the oils relax or energize her.

Essential oils are wonderful for helping people, especially mothers, fall asleep. The diffuser is so quiet that it won’t keep her up all night.

She can also set it to shine her favorite color to match the decor of her room. It’ll add the perfect touch to any space in the house.

Mom will appreciate having an essential oil diffuser when the kids are rambunctious or when she has trouble sleeping. The gift of relaxation is always a great way to go!

  1. Protein Coffee

There is one beverage most moms need before doing anything else in the morning: coffee. With the added benefits of protein, your mom will love Complete Nutrition protein coffee!

Ultimate Nutrition is my favorite way to get through the day. I drink it every day before heading out the door to get the extra boost I need.

The iced coffee flavor of Complete Nutrition is my absolute go-to drink during the summer when I am at my desk. It helps me stay awake during work and allows me to focus deeply on my writing.

Protein coffee tastes delicious, contains caffeine for an energy boost, it is also great for mom’s health.

According to Healthcare Weekly, protein coffee has anti-inflammatory properties along with antioxidants. Drinking protein coffee is also good for lowering blood pressure and cholesterol. These advanced properties can definitely help keep your mom healthy throughout the day. 

Mom will be able to enjoy a drink she loves and benefit from the protein it contains.  Guiltless pleasure.


  1. Jewelry Dish

If your mom loves jewelry or only wears only one piece of her favorite bling every day, she’ll love to have somewhere special to keep it. A jewelry dish with a sweet message for mom will make her day.

Every time she goes to put on her ring, she’ll be reminded how much you love her. It is a sentimental gift that she can use every day.

Anything that comes from your heart will touch your mom’s. Make her smile with an elegant jewelry dish that she’ll want to show to all her friends.

  1. Kool8 water bottle

During her day, your mom probably often wishes she could enjoy a sip of ice-cold water or the hot coffee she made in the morning.

The Kool8 reusable water bottle makes this possible! It can hold hot or cold beverages and keeps them at their best temperature all day.

The Kool8 bottle is also super durable. Even when the baby knocks it down, it won’t get scratched.

She’ll want to carry the modern red Kool8 bottle everywhere to match her sophisticated style.

Everybody who uses Kool8 is pleased to know that the company gives back to the world community. The bottle itself is environmentally friendly by helping to reduce the use of plastics.

Kool8 donates 20% of the money it makes from every bottle toward giving clean water to regions that need it.

Your mom would love to have a reusable water bottle so she can keep the earth clean, stay hydrated, and look chic all with one product!

  1. At-home spa day

Trips to the spa are expensive, but your mom can enjoy the luxuries of relaxation in the comfort of home if you give her healing bath salts.

Her aches and pains will diminish after a soak in a tub full of therapeutic and detoxifying salts.  The oils help reduce muscle pain and clear the mind. Some stimulate weight loss and others help fight against infection.

Mom will enjoy the break she gets in the tub and she’ll also feel so much better when she gets out.  Treat her with a little treat for herself: some time away from the stress of life.

  1. TwinkleInTime Star Map

If you want to make your mom’s heart melt, a gift from TwinkleInTime will do the trick.

TwinkleInTime creates custom posters of the night sky based on a specific date and location.

You can create a star map from your favorite memory together or her wedding anniversary. You can even write a caption to tell her how much you appreciate her.

No gift your mom ever receives will compare to the TwinkleInTime Star Map that you give her. She’ll be able to hang it up and enjoy it for a long time.

  1. Athletic accessories

If your mom loves running and biking as much as mine does, she’ll enjoy having a running belt.

It is completely adjustable and has many compartments so she can carry everything she needs with her hands-free.

Her phone will fit right into the main pocket, and there is a headphone slot so she doesn’t get tangled.

If running isn’t her thing, this is a great bag to use for long days out shopping or day trips sightseeing.

You can choose her favorite color so she will be coordinated with her wardrobe. This is the bag every on-the-go and athletic mom needs.

Your mom will appreciate almost anything you give her, as long as she knows how she can use it. Without fail, she will love any of these gifts for her special occasion.