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  • First the eyewitness reports came in, missing Malaysia  flight 370 plane was spotted in the Maldive Islands the same day it vanished, seen in a group of 1200 scant islands and atolls in the middle of the Indian Ocean, an Islamic state known in recent years as a haven for terrorists groups.
  • Then came the reports from officials from the Maldives: “untrue” .
  • The Malaysian Government’s assumption to not search Al Qaeda infested Maldives Islands, a know terrorist haven , simply because an “official” there says eyewitness sightings is “untrue” could be a huge error if in fact the sightings were true.
  • How the missing plane may possibly have been directly under the nose of the satellite which “pinged” the “guestimated” location to thousands of miles away.
  • Wikileaks Founder Julian Assage and many others have released many reports on the dangers and build up of terror groups in the Maldive  islands, which has now been converted to the ideal terrorist haven right under the world’s nose.
  • 7 Facts that may actually make the Maldives the perfect haven for hijackers of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370:

nearly a direct flight.jpg

Direct Flight Plan?: Flight 370 had the means of fuel, distance, and potentially cooperative local terrorists groups there,  dozens of landing sites on atolls, sand bars,  400 uninhabited islands and a direct flight there with no radar from other countries.

Fact #1 The Eyewitnesses to Flight 370 in Maldives  are  in the only location where there have been eyewitness accounts,  yet has not been searched.

On a remote island in the Maldives, it was only a few years ago where the USA released  Al Qaeda operative Ibrahim Fauzeei from Guantanamo Bay with the condition that the local strict Islamic country of Maldive keep him on  the islands. When he was released the President of the Maldives was reported to have welcomed him as a “brother”. In the past years there has been kidnappings of Chinese there, and terror attacks and a notable build up of factions of terror groups who have made the Maldives very strict Islamic regime, a terrorist “pirates cove“. Now residents there in those same island chains  claimed they saw a “low flying jumbo jet” the same morning that the Malaysian plane disappeared. This sighting by many residents, was reported on the  the website of the tiny Maldivian news outlet Haveeru.  Residents on the isle of Kuda Huvadhoo in the Dhaalu Atoll gave a description that matched the commercial airliner: white with red stripes, according to the news outlet.

“I’ve never seen a jet flying so low over our island before. We’ve seen seaplanes, but I’m sure that this was not one of those. I could even make out the doors on the plane clearly,” an unidentified eyewitness said, according to Haveeru. “It’s not just me either, several other residents have reported seeing the exact same thing. Some people got out of their houses to see what was causing the tremendous noise too.”

These claims, published in a story Tuesday, were denied quickly by Malaysian officials citing a phone call they had with authorities in the Maldives. .But new information is surfacing that the source of this  denial is being made by a country that has a long standing history of harbouring of terrorists and therefore its dismissal of this sighting should be questioned again and the area around the islands searched immediately if in fact eyewitnesses to the sighting of  Flight 370  exist there.

maldives isalnds.jpg

The Maldives is made up of nearly 1200 islands, 400 of them uninhabited and many sand bars and atolls that could be capable of a rough, but plausible jet landing on one of the many  atolls or even ditching in shallow waters surrounding the plush islands.

The Maldives coast guard told CNN  it had no such reports. The same coast guard we might note who is under the control of a country that harbors openly terrorist groups including Al Qaeda. We thought we should dig deeper here. Malaysia, also a predominantly Muslim country whose Muslim pilots are suspected in foul play in the disappearance of the plane,  and whose handling of the investigation has been questioned by US authorities, had something to say about the report. If there is one consistency we note in this investigation its the obvious mishandling of information by Malalysia.

“I can confirm that the Malaysian Chief of the Defense Force has contacted his counterpart in the Maldives, who has confirmed that these reports are not true,” Minister Hishammuddin Hussein said at a press conference.

The Maldives Ministry of Defense and National Security also confirmed that their radar systems and surveillance mechanisms show no indication of the missing plane. The same officials who report to a President who has made the Maldives island a haven for terrorists. This scenario reminds us of how Al Qaeda terrorist leader Osama Bin Laden got a full months head start to escape Afghanistan when culturally   naive officials in the USA  played into the hands of Afghan leaders who the west was working with to round up Bin Laden, but turned out to be assisting him in his escape.

The USA was reported to only have 2 FBI agents allowed to work on the investigation locally in Malaysia as the Malaysians have the authority over the investigation.

Fact #2: The Maldives has been called around the world,  “a safe haven to terrorists”, its own President welcoming terrorists as “brothers”. An unfortunate description for this beautiful chain of islands.

Fact #3: From Vietnam, China ,Thailand, Australia, numerous countries have claimed they might have found the missing wreckage but none has been found to date despite constant reliance on satellite imagery of alleged aircraft “debris”.

Fact #4: The Maldives is country made up by over  1192 islands, and 400 of which are uninhabited. That does not include the many atolls and sand bars , some which a commercial airplane  though rough ,could land if not at the central airport.

Fact #5: Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange released documents in 2010 showing that American had secretly released Guantanamo terrorist  Ibrahim Fauzeei  there on condition they would stay there. A sort of modern day Penal Colony. Planning your next vacation there? Goolge “Maldives Terrorism” and when you pull up the numerous reports of terrrorist activity there including Assange’s, you may think twice.

Fact #6: Calculations  regarding fuel, aircraft speed and distance to Maldives add ups to the early morning sighting thousands of miles and many hours away from the planes last sightings on radar. The plane was estimated to have a range of at least 2500 miles. The distance from Malaysia to the Maldives is 1967 miles.

6:15 a.m. in the Maldives is 9:15 a.m. in Malaysia, so the sighting would have occurred seven hours and 45 minutes after the last radio contact, the now-famous “All right, goodnight” at 1:30 a.m. Malaysian time over the Gulf of Thailand.

A 777 series 200ER, with a nearly full load of 227 passengers and 12 crew, cargo, and fuel for the scheduled five and a half hour trip from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, plus reserves, would typically be able to stay in the air for a maximum of about eight hours. That makes the presence of the aircraft at 6 in the morning local time in the middle of the northern Indian Ocean definitely possible.

In fact, the distance between the point of last radio contact and Kuda Huvadhoo is 2,000 miles, which a 777 at cruise speed would cover in far less time. Flying in a straight line from the Gulf of Thailand, MH370 would have appeared over the island no later than 3 a.m. local time, well before sunrise.

Fact #7: Officials of Immarsat, the satellite company which has been relied on so heavily admit the current locations thousands of miles away the Australians discovered debris at  are “fairly certain”  they have the right location, but admit at best this is “probable locations” but not definite since this is the first time this satellite ping technique has been used in the search for a missing aircraft. Noone really knows for sure where the missing plane is. Unlike cell phone technology that relies on multiple satellites and cells to triangulate a location within meters, this system can be off by hundreds or thousands of miles . With a 1 microsecond  ( 1/1000 of a second latency ( latency is the time it takes for the satellite and plane’s  to digitally “handshake:” a signal quite fast considering it travels at  186,000 miles a second) from the pinging, a latency of 1/1000 plus or minus to due obstructions such as concrete walls, coverings,  signal interference,  antenna on the jet, weather, or even miscalculations and the current locations “best guesses” by this company could be 2000 miles off range and create an arc for the potential flight path far away, a few more milliseconds and the plane might have to be on the moon to match up the data. And that miscalculation may have searchers looking in the wrong area for the past week. At a Palo Alto California mobile satellite communications consulting site, many engineers chatted openly about  the almost unbelievability  that the media has not questioned this. One blogger there posted  there said: “But, you have to wonder, why has no journalist even raised the question at these press briefings – half of them still seem to understand the arcs as actual flight paths”.  Ironically the satellite which is supposed to have transmitted the last “ping” from flight 370 was located nearly directly above the Mildaves Island . Which would make the discovery of the missing plane there in that vicinity if it occurs, literally “under the nose” of the frantic international community searching for the missing plane. This search technique by Satellites and the authority of  Malaysia is being heavily relied on to pinpoint the aircraft but may be in fact fallible and the world has already seen how many times so called experts have been wrong in this bizarre vanishing airline case.

With  perhaps a almost  perfect destination to pirate a commercial plane to, a country that welcomes terrorists and many places to land, would make the Maldives remote location a  rather ideal place to take air piracy to. One can only hope that the authorities ( not led by terrorists harboring government officials of Maldives) will begin a search there before any second part of a seemingly cold and calculating potential  terrorist plot continues to the next level.


The Maldives only airport offers direct flights to Iran, Pakistan, Dubai,  India, and  Afghanistan and direct access by boat to the shores of many countries with known terrorist factions  The Perfect “Pirates haven”?

We have attempted to contact the journalists in Maldive who first reported the multiple eyewitnesses accounts of the sighting of a plane matching Malaysian Airline flight 370. But with their country officially squashing the reports as “untrue” days after their reports , and in an extreme Islamic country know to welcome terrorists, we were not surprised that the reporters did not reply , perhaps for possible fear of reprisal by their government.

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