If you’re reading this, then I don’t need to convince you why traveling is amazing and why you should do it more often. I do, however, want to suggest some of the best destinations in the world that are practically undiscovered by the wanderlust species.

So here are 5 travel destinations you should add to your bucket list, and then visit them.

1. Las Vegas, USA

Okay, I admit Las Vegas is not an unknown travel destination. But it doesn’t feature in enough travel destination lists for how great it is. Getting the obvious attractions out of the way, the casinos are the biggest (quite literally) attractions in this city. Yes, you can play your favorite table games at home on live casino websites like Bluefox Online Casino UK, but there’s nothing like placing your bet on a grand table in an even grander real casino.

While here, you can check out world-famous casinos like Bellagio Fountains, Grand Canyon, and MGM Grand. Other must-try things in Sin City are the pool parties. Vegas brags of having one of the best night lives in the world. You’ll find all kinds of pool parties here, ranging from fun all the way to crazy.

2. Tohoku, Japan

The entire country of Japan is a cultural phenomenon. It has been drawing in millions of visitors every year with its fascinating highlights. But Tohoku is one of the lesser-known regions on the traveler’s map. Needless to say, it doesn’t lack in any aspect when compared to other destinations.

Tohoku offers incredibly varied natural landscapes that are perfect for hiking. You can even go skiing on its beautiful snow-covered mountains in the winter and visit the village of Kakunodate, home to Samurai legends and artisan workshops. It’s only a 90-minutes drive north-east of Tokyo and worth every second you spend there.

Exploring with a four wheel drive the Wadi rum desert in Jordan

3. Wadi Rum, Jordan

We go straight from Japan’s snowy mountains to Mars. Well, technically it’s the Jordan Trail, but there’s barely any difference. It has the iconic reddish sands and the natural arches that are synonymous with the image of Mars.

This long-distance hiking trail covers 650 kilometres and goes through 52 villages and towns. Your trail will be marked by beautiful landscapes and mountains perfect for stargazing at night. Visit Jordan during the spring (March to May) and autumn (September to November) months.

4. Bacalar, Mexico

Climbing down the mountains, we head straight to the lake. In fact, one of the most beautiful lakes in the world — the Lake of Seven Colours. It has crystal clear, fresh waters and a white sandy bottom, giving it a turquoise look. This stunning natural beauty also offers the option for some exciting water sports like snorkeling and diving.

You can find rooms that have balconies overlooking the second largest natural freshwater body in Mexico, which is one of the reasons why this destination is tipped to be the next Maldives. It’s best to visit Bacalar in early December to mid-March.

5. Los Llanos, Columbia

Los Llanos was off-limits to everyone for decades. But thanks to a peace deal with the local rebels 2 years ago, this destination is now open for exploration. It has a vast grassland and wetland plains that are populated by a wide variety of wildlife. You can find capybaras, jabiru storks, giant anteaters, anacondas, crocodiles, caimans, howler monkeys and hundreds of exotic bird species

The wildlife has not yet encountered too many visitors, so most creatures are relatively fearless and easy to find. Keep an eye out for llaneros (Columbia’s gauchos), Columbian folk music, and lassoing competitions as this is cowboy country. Soon, Los Llanos may very well rival Brazil’s Pantanal wetland as the best wildlife watching place in South America.