We know, we know….many of these resolutions we made last year but this year we plan on keeping more of them. No, really!

#1 on our list is to wear more sunscreen, even if it’s an SPF in our moisturizer or make-up. Besides helping to prevent skin cancer, you won’t have as many wrinkles when you’re older.


#2: We’re as guilty as the next gal for grabbing a cleansing wipe at the end of a long evening, but we vow to wash off all that make-up before we go to bed. Hello, clear skin.

#3 : Clean out our make-up drawer (s) ! Get rid of that old base, stubby eye pencils and any mascara that’s over 3 months old. (Tip: write the buy-date on your mascara with a sharpie so you’ll know when it’s expired.) Old makeup can harbor bacteria, cause infections, and damage your skin. Look for changes such as  a rancid odor, color change, and changes texture or consistency, like nail polish hardening, or makeup becoming crusty. Ewww. If your mascara is clumpy, it’s probably got bacteria growing inside it. Chuck it.

Clumpy? Toss it.

Clumpy? Toss it.

Some good news:  lipstick can last 2-3 years. And you already know that if you get an eye infection you need HAVE to toss all eye makeup and buy new products. Powdered products, such as eyeshadow, will normally last for up to 4 years, as long as you wash your brushes regularly. And as for pencil eyeliner, it can last up to 1-2 years, if properly stored and sharpened regularly. Sharpening your pencils before each use will keep them clean, which will allow you to use them for 2 years or longer.

The rule of thumb here is when in doubt – toss!


#4: This kinda goes along with #3; Wash all our cosmetic brushes in mild shampoo. And please tell us you’re not applying your foundation with your fingers (unless it’s a pump.) If you do, throw out that base after 6 months (most of us change colors every 6 months anyway.) Use make-up sponges for longer life and toss those too after a few applications.


#5: Drink more water! It’s that easy. You’ll have healthier skin and body. After all, our bodies are comprised of 60% water. Besides carrying nutrients to every cell in our body, water flushes out damaging toxins, improves circulation, lubricates our joints, and leads to a radiant complexion. Winter in-door heat dries us out so compensate with drinking more 02. 8 glasses a day is easy. Remember, by the time you feel thirsty you’re already dehydrated. One way to tell if you’e getting enough of this resource is if your pee is clear of light yellow. If it’s dark yellow, drink up!

Come on,  we can keep these together!

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