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Me picture in the front in 1996

Me, pictured in the front, in 1996

When I was a little girl I remember thinking I never wanted to look old and made a decision to get a face-lift when I needed one. I was 10! Obviously vanity was something that was inbred in my system. I later found out my Father was a bit of a peacock, which made sense as I grew up with my ever so ‘au naturel’ mother, so my love of make up and beauty products was a bit of a mystery until then. I made the sub conscious decision that somehow, someway I would keep myself together in the way that Sophia Loren, Raquel Welch and Jane Fonda have. They became my icons.

Luckily for me it seems that going under the knife may indeed be becoming a thing of the past. No cutting, pinning, pain and long recovery time, not to mention the chance of having the skin pulled too tight and living with ‘wind tunnel face’ for the rest of your life!

The billion-dollar beauty industry and science have saved us developing a form of radio- frequency technology to provide optimal skin contraction in the deep layers of the skin. These stimulate the formation of new collagen and improve the skin elasticity and tautness, thus helping to prevent sagging.

I have been visiting Dr. Heather J Roberts for ten years and always feel secure in the fact that, being a woman, she never pushes a product or does something that will alter my face. She is about highlighting and enhancing your features, not changing them, unlike so many of her LA male contemporaries who seem to want to distort women’s faces to suit their own taste in women. How many aging actresses do we know who have taken bad advice and ended up looking like chipmunks!?

There are several different versions of radio frequency treatments on the market that all do a great job, but Dr. Roberts suggested I come by and try the latest version in her practice, Forma by Inmode. As a leading dermatologist and skin cancer expert I knew I was in very capable hands and was happy to try her recommendation. Settling down in one of the treatment rooms of her west side practice I relaxed and let her work the magic.

As you can see, my treatment really worked!

As you can see, my treatment really worked!

The difference I found between this and other versions was that there is a built in heat alarm that will immediately switch the machine off if it over heats. As the temperature required to create collagen is approximately 42 degrees this model certainly takes the guess work out of accidently letting the wand get too hot and burning the client. Also, no need for the constant monitoring of the skin temperature with a thermometer as the machine beeps to warn the practitioner of the heat level.

Dr. Heather concentrated on the main places on my face that are prone to sagging such as the jaw line (to prevent jowls), upper eyes, nasolabial folds, smile lines, neck. She also told me that this machine can be used anywhere on the body such as bat wings, stomach and thighs. After the 45-minute session I washed the gel off my face (the face is covered in gel to protect it from the heat) and I was glowing! My skin looked fresh with a slightly pink tint and was definitely tighter, especially around the jaw line.

Dr. Heather recommends six treatments to be repeated over the following weeks with maintenance ‘touch ups’ every 3-4 months. The great thing being, as there is no down time with Forma, you really can do this frequently until you get the desired effect. It starts working immediately with results really showing over the following weeks. I had my treatment three weeks ago and am seeing the results evolving. I can’t wait to go back for more!

In her opinion, Dr. Heather feels that by doing a continued course of Forma radio frequency you can prevent the need for facelifts and even other more common maintenance treatments such as fillers, as it is all about the body rejuvenating itself.

This style of treatment along with photofacials is fast becoming a favorite for movie stars such as Jennifer Aniston, as they don’t restrict the faces natural movements like fillers and botox. It’s about growing old gracefully letting science and nature work together to keep the face and body sagging. Why cut when you can plump naturally? – Ok with a little help from Dr. Roberts!

Find out more about this treatment and others performed by Dr. Roberts by visiting her website tel: 310-477-4727

Fees for Forma RF are:

$500 per treatment face or neck

$2700 for a package of 6 treatments face or neck ($450/tx)

$300 per eye area

Maintenance packages ( following the full series of 6 treatments)

$1600 for a package of 4 treatments face or neck

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